Michèle is raising bronze bells to the level of high art. Internationally renowned for her graceful and flowing style, she is an innovative and dynamic artist in the growing genre of English handbell performance; an art that began as a popular pub activity some 400 years ago and from this humble beginning has developed into a concert performance instrument.

Join Michèle as she weaves a tapestry of story and music, combining both grace and strength in her own dance-like choreography that takes the listener on a journey from Renaissance England to the Golden Gate to the Far East, and all points in between.

Let Michèle bring her graceful Golden Dance to you!


What is involved in hosting Michèle??

Hosting Michèle is easy!  Simply review the lists below to see what things Michèle provides and what things she asks her hosts to provide.  Please don't hesitate to contact Michèle if you have any questions or comments about these lists!

Here's what Michèle will provide in advance of the event:

  1. Press kit, including bio, photos, press release and publicity masters (electronic)

  2. Program master (electronic)

  3. Class notes master for any workshop(s) to be taught (electronic)

  4. Accompaniment sheet music (hard copy, but can be electronic, if preferred)

  5. Music for any other instrumentalists (optional) (hard copy or electronic)

  6. rehearsal CDs for each accompanying musician

Here's what Michèle will bring to the event:

  1. Handbells C5-C8

  2. Mallets, as needed

  3. Table cover (for 8’ or 9’ table)

  4. Wireless lavalier microphone with both ¼” and XLR plugs (Michèle is happy to use a wireless lavalier provided by your venue if your sound tech prefers.)

And here's what Michèle asks her hosts to provide:

  1. Overnight accommodation (home stay is fine; no pets, please!)

  2. Meals (usually breakfast, lunch and light supper)

  3. Fully functioning piano in good tune (A=440)

  4. Excellent accompanist (host to pay any fee)

  5. Program printing (black & white is fine)

  6. Printing of class notes (double-sided black & white is fine)

  7. Sound system & person(s) to run sound

  8. Person(s) to collect Admissions/ Ticket Sales/ Offering

  9. Person(s) to staff the CD sales table

  10. Local promotion and advertising (including printing & distribution of promotional materials - See Michèle's Easy-Breezy Publicity How-To Guide!)

  11. Other instrumentalists, if desired (totally optional, but really nice to have - host pays any fee)

  12. While Michèle's entire concert can be done with nothing but piano accompaniment, her current show is enhanced with the addition of the following instruments (in order of preference):

  13. 1.cello or bassoon;

  14. 2.drumset (bass, snare, triangle, cymbal, hi-hat);

  15. 3.clarinet;

  16. 4.harp (pedal or lever); and

  17. 5.oboe or violin or flute.

  18. Eight to twelve feet of flat and level rectangular table, 29-30" tall (before the addition of foam) and a minimum of 30" wide

  19. NOTE: If more than one table is used, tables must all be flat, level, and exactly the same height (Michèle will bring shims, just in case!)

  20. ALSO: If total table length is greater than 9 feet, Michèle will need to borrow a table cover, too.

  21. Excellent quality ("like-new") firm handbell foam, either 3" or 4" thick sufficient to cover tables, above

  22. Extra instruments as agreed upon (such as bells below C5, duplicate bells, chimes, etc.)

  23. Transportation cost to (and from) event site, unless other arrangements are made

Space considerations - Michèle does have some very specific space requirements:

  1. Michèle needs 3-feet of clear space behind the entire length of her table.  So, if you have provided her with a 9-foot table that's 30" deep, she will need a space that's 5.5-feet deep by 9-feet long. 

  2. Michèle has no preference as to whether the piano is on her left or her right, or on which side the other instrumentalists (if any) sit or stand to play, but all accompanying musicians will need clear sight lines, especially the pianist or organist!

  3. Michèle sometimes requests an additional area in which to place extra instruments (ie. bells below C5, duplicate bells, chimes, etc.).  Depending on how many extra instruments will be used for that particular event, she may ask for a 3-foot table or a 6-foot table to be set up behind or to the side of her main table (the exact placement is flexible).  This table does not need foam, but should be covered with some sort of cloth draping.

Other items of note:

  1. Michèle's table cover does not hang all the way to the floor; it hangs only about a foot or so from the table top.  This is to reduce the number of visual barriers between Michèle and her audience, bringing them closer together symbolically, if not physically.  Because of this, the table legs will be seen by the audience and so should not be unsightly — that is, no paint chips, no masking tape hanging off, no strange paint colors, etc., etc.

Please see Michèle’s Fee Schedule, then contact her to schedule an event!


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Original "Golden Dancer" figure by Elizabeth Kennedy.

"Scribble Dancer" figure by Gretchen Rauch.

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