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Original "Golden Dancer" figure by Elizabeth Kennedy.

"Scribble Dancer" figure by Gretchen Rauch.

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On this page, you'll find all the material you should need to effectively publicize one of Michèle's events.  For some tips on how to do that (or if you need to know where to start!) check out Michèle's Easy-Breezy Publicity How-To Guide.  If you don't see what you're looking for, or if you need an item modified in some way, please let Michèle know!

By downloading any of these items, you are agreeing to this USAGE AGREEMENT: All publicity materials are ©2001-2010 by You are free to download the materials for use in Michèle-related publicity as well as for print or video features about Michèle. For any other usage, please contact us first with the desired usage. You may alter the image's size and graphic format; you may add publicity information to the posters; please do not make any other alterations to the artwork.  Important:  Please be sure to credit the photos appropriately!

Poster Blanks

These poster blanks are in PDF format and are designed so that you can easily add the appropriate information to them.  To download a poster blank, click a picture, then save the file to disk.

Postcard Blank

This postcard blank is in PDF format and is designed so that you can easily add the appropriate information to it.  It is "4 up", which means that it will print 4 postcards on one 8.5"x11" sheet.  The 2nd page of the PDF is blank for you to add more details (date, location, etc.) and is formatted for easy positioning of the mailing information.  To download the postcard blank, click the picture, then save the file to disk.


Press Release

This press release is in Rich Text Format (.rtf) and is approx 25kb.  To download it, click the picture, then save the file to disk.  Please replace the yellow highlighted text as appropriate (and remove the yellow highlighting!), print it on your venue's letterhead, then email, fax or snail mail it to all of your local newspapers and

radio and TV stations. 

Be sure to leave the "###" at the end of the document that is how the
recipients know that it is the end of the document!


Publicity Photos

To download the full-sized JPG file, click on “Download Original”.

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