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Health & Wellness

Healthy Ringing for Handbells and Handchimes: The complete guide to safe and secure performances for ringers, directors and teachers — by Sue Berry, 2000, Handbell Services, Inc., 1213 Mason Street, Dearborn, MI 48124, 1-800-37-BELLS. ISBN 0-9678707-0-4.

"Simply stated, Berry's book intends to help ringers and directors play in harmony with handbells, instead of harming themselves with handbells. Berry points out that handbell ringing is a physical workout. Just like other athletes, ringers need to warm up the muscles they will be using ...from head to toe."

--Madison Area Concert Handbells 'Messenger', April 2001

End Your Carpal Tunnel Pain Without Surgery: A Daily Program to Prevent and Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome — by Kate Montgomery 1998, Rutledge Hill Press, 211 Seventh Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37219. ISBN 1-55853-591-8.

"This beautifully illustrated book, with over 80 fully-captioned pictures and artists drawings, demonstrates 'The Montgomery Method' a simple program of twelve corrective techniques for arm, wrist and hand. Easy exercises, taking only minutes a day, can immediately eliminate pain and numbness in your elbow, wrist and hand, and restore your muscular strength and circulation - a completely non-surgical and drug-free approach to alleviating the constant distress of carpal tunnel syndrome."

Overtones: Injuries and Their Prevention, May/June 2000, Volume 46, Number 3. AGEHR, 1055 E. Centerville Station Road, Dayton, OH 45459-5503.

A Soprano on Her Head: Right-side up reflections on life and other performances — by Eloise Ristad, 1982, Real People Press, Box F, Moab, UT 84532. ISBN 0-911226-20-6 clothbound, ISBN 0-911226-21-4 paperbound.

"Eloise Ristad deals here with complex problems which torment and cripple so many of our most creative and talented people, and she does so with compassion, wisdom, and wit. The problem of stage fright, for instance, is a suffering of epidemic proportions in our society, and involves modalities of thought and projections that rob spontaneity and enthusiasm in artistic performance."

--Lorin Hollander, concert pianist

The Art of Practicing: A Guide to Making Music from the Heart — by Madeline Bruser, 1997, Bell Tower, and imprint of Harmony Books, a division of Crown Publishers, Inc., 201 E. 50th St., New York, New York 10022. ISBN 0-609-80177-5.

"Madeline Bruser has put together a valuable and insightful look at the art of practicing. If more people read this book, perhaps we might see an increase in the number of inspired and joyful music makers who, rather than viewing practice as a punitive activity, regard it as the supreme opportunity to explore their own creativity."

--American Music Teacher magazine

Music & Instruction

Solo to Ensemble Project — "STEP, the Solo To Ensemble Project, provides a complete source of music and information for solo, duet, trio and small ensemble handbell musicians."

Nancy Hascall Virtuoso Solo Series, Above the Line Publishing, 9200 Sunset Blvd #804, West Hollywood, CA 90069.

"Nancy Hascall is one of America's foremost solo ringers. Her arrangements include detailed instructions on how to perform each solo, plus an illustrated ringers' guide on how to use her special techniques such as traveling four in hand. Arrangements include an annotated copy of the score, a clean copy of the score, and a complete keyboard accompaniment score."

Songs for the Solo Ringer, by Christine D. Anderson, Agape/Hope Publishing, 380 S. Main Place, Carol Stream, IL 60188. Code No. 1245. Also available: instructional video and concert video featuring material from this collection.

Campanile Workshop Notes, Revised Edition, 2000, Above the Line Publishing, 9200 Sunset Blvd #804, West Hollywood, CA 90069, ISBN 1-891803-01-8.

Solo and Ensemble Ringing: An Artistic and Technical Approach, by Nancy Jessup and Claire Blackwell, 1983, National Music Publishers, P.O. Box 4027, Tustin, CA 92781-4027. UPC 6 38428 00453 1.

Solo Ringing! Musically: A Toolkit of Techniques, by Michael Kastner and Kevin McChesney, 1994, Jeffers Handbell Supply, Inc 455 Western Lane, PO Box 1728, Irmo, SC 29063-1728. Code No. JH S9123.

Advanced Solo Ringing: Multiple Bell Techniques, by David M. Allen, 1998, National Music Publishers, P.O. Box 4027 Tustin, CA 92781-4027. Item No. B011.

Solo Ringing Tutorial, by Sueda Luttrell, Ringing Praise. [NOTE: This appears to be no longer available.  If you have a link to it, please contact Michèle.]

Advanced Solo Ringing and Handbell Techniques, video with soloist and instructor Erin Downey, AGEHR, 1055 E. Centerville Station Road, Dayton, OH 45459-5503. Code No. R-700.

The Six-in-Hand Technique: A How-To Manual, by Fred A. Merret, 1996 Jeffers Handbell Supply, Inc 455 Western Lane, PO Box 1728, Irmo, SC 29063-1728. Code No. JH S9148.

Developing More Advanced Coordination and Technical Skills in Handbell Choirs, by Michael R. Keller, 1996, AGEHR, 1055 E. Centerville Station Road, Dayton, OH 45459-5503. Code No. AG 002.

Societies & Organizations

American Guild of English Handbell Ringers

1055 E Centerville Station Rd,

Centerville, OH 45459

Ph: (800) 878-5459

Fax: (937) 438-0434


Percussive Arts Society

701 NW Ferris Avenue

Lawton, OK 73507-5442

Ph: (580) 353-1455

Fax: (580) 353-1456


The International Foundation for Performing Arts Medicine

"The International Foundation for Performing Arts Medicine (IFPAM) was formed in 1992, to help artists, arts educators, students, stage crews, etc. learn more about Performing Arts Medicine, to support programs in injury prevention as well as disseminate medical information. IFPAM publishes the only health newsletter, Performance Pulse, written for artists. The Foundation also conducts injury prevention workshops and has become a central resource center providing artists with immediate help by means of physician referrals and general health related information."


Handbell Podcast

Handbell Community

Temporary Handbell-L  - A Google Group set up by Matthew Prins while the regular listserv-based Handbell-L is out of service

Handbell Notation, Difficulty Level System, Solo and Ensemble Notation, published by the AGEHR (Code No. R100)

Ringers Guide to Traveling Four-in-Hand Notation, Companion to Nancy Hascall's Virtuoso Solo Series, published by Above the Line Publishing.


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